Wolves In Church

IMG_7263In Sunday School (SS) this past Sunday, we talked about “wolves” coming into the fold and “wolves” already being within.  Acts 20:28-30 ” So guard yourselves and God’s people.  Feed and Shephard God’s flock–his church, purchased with his own blood–over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as elders. *29* I know that false teachers, like vicious wolves, will come in among you after I leave, not sparing the flock. *30* Even some men from your own group will rise up and distort the truth in order to draw a following.”

We talked quite a bit about this and a statement, something to the effect of, How many times do you hear of “wolves” coming into a church vs. How many times the “wolves” were already IN and PART of the church?  Interesting question.  An example of the latter being the infamous Judas Iscariot.  Other examples given included Peter denying Christ 3 times, Doubting Thomas doubting being the operative word.   I don’t necessarily agree with those examples being examples of “wolves,” but Judas for sure.

This line of thinking led to people being hurt  BY THE CHURCH.

Really it’s a person, a wolf, or a group/pack and the “church” gets the blame.  Is it un-Christian-like to say “(insert name here) HURT ME!! HE/SHE/THEY HAVE BROKEN MY HEART, MY ALREADY FRAGILE BEING!”??

Is it uncouth to say this?

It is messed up that “the church” gets blamed for the actions of people (wolves) in it!

During our discussion, I was immediately taken aback to the time I was hurt.  I think about it often, I only talk to a few key people in complete detail about it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever truly get “over it.”

My answer to the question as to why it hurts and is so damaging when one is hurt by the church is due to the level of intimacy!  For those who do not know, intimacy does not always mean sex felt the need to clarify.

Worship, fellowship, group study, prayer, etc.   It’s all VERY, VERY intimate!!  Your pour your heart out literally at times) talk about things good AND bad and you PRAY and PRAISE To The ONE TRUE GOD…TOGETHER!!!!!!  How can that not be total intimacy?  Between God, you, and your church family?


Go one step further:  If the church is the bride and God is the Bridegroom…INTIMACY.

I think that is why it hurts soooooo much when you are “hurt by the church.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

I love the “accidental” photos. I thought I had totally missed what I was trying to do (learning a new camera) and was about to delete the photo when I noticed I actually DID get the photo I wanted. On the left side of the photo is one of my sons in focus. I had been attempting to focus on the son in the red shirt. Love accidentals.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Rock Wall

This rock wall is in the Chattanooga Nature Center in the “Reflective Riding area.” “Reflective Riding” is a gravel road going through the, for lack of a better word, park. Its very peaceful and so much to see if you dig nature. We love family outings. I think we’ve almost spoiled our children in this way. We try to find ways to spend as little money as possible and have fun. The “Reflective Riding” was perfect. It didn’t cost much and since the weather was wet and a little chilly we were able to enjoy nature from the comfort of our vehicle.
I’m not sure what the original purpose of the wall was for but I found it so fascinating. I love when nature and man meet and even collide…an Ecotone.